If you carve the space for meditation, for stillness,

you open your heart and become a messenger for the work you are here to share


Come and practice with me.

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Meditation & Kundalini

October - November 2019

Hot Yoga, Invercargill, New Zealand

We will attune to the rhythm of the Moon’s cycle, activating her power, to connect deeper with ourselves.

We will practice Meditation to find stillness and listen deeply.

We will practice the technology of Kundalini Yoga to draw our minds into the frequencies we desire.

Over a five-week course, we will work towards rooting ourselves back into our own unique rhythm, back in alignment with Mother Earth. . . renewed, rebalanced, and relaxed.

October 30th: New Moon – REFLECTION

- Honour stillness

November 6th: First quarter – DEVELOPMENT

- Honour taking action

November 13th: Full moon - EXPRESSION

- Honour your radiance

November 20th: Third quarter - INTEGRATION

- Honour what no longer serves you

November 27th: New Moon - THE END IS ALSO THE BEGINNING

- Honour your roots

Free Golden Milk Tea before each session

$15 per class

$60 for five week block

Tickets available at: https://www.eventfinda.co.nz/2019/meditation-and-kundalini/invercargill

Previous Events

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An Introduction to Meditation, 2019

The Good, The Amazing, The Sacred Is Here and Now

Hot Yoga, Invercargill, New Zealand


7th - Mindfulness of Breathing: Moving beyond the thinking mind

14th - Insight: Understanding impermanence and letting go

21st - The Sound of Silence: Taking refuge within yourself

28th - Loving-Kindness: Concentration and contemplation


4th - Shamanic Journey: Connecting with your higher self

11th - Kundalini: Clearing the negative mind, opening the positive mind

$15 per class

$75 for six week block

“Really enjoyed the 6 week block! Loved the variety of mediation techniques that you shared. But the last one would be my favourite! Hope, you have such a lovely calm energy about you that made the journey a truly wonderful experience. Would be keen to do more classes with you. 😊💖💫🙏🧘‍♀️” - Lousia-may

“Absolutely appreciated your time Hope :) thank you for your wonderful mahi x” - Lis

An Introduction to Meditation with Hope.jpg

An Introduction to Meditation with Hope, 2018

Pause, breathe, tune-in and be with what is

Southland Community House, Invercargill, New Zealand


12th, 20th & 26th


3rd, 10th & 17th

Classes by donation